About Us

Founded in April of 2009 and headquartered in Bangalore, Vibrant Info made it a point to hire skilled personnel, create and refine effective project management processes, and invest in the ongoing development of technology. Our mission is to deliver cost-effective, quality-centric and scalable technological solutions, thus helping our clients and partners generate outstanding marketing results and business returns.

What we do?

Vibrant Info provides professional IT services consisting of custom software development, website design and maintenance, search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaign management and other forms of online marketing and advertising for businesses in every niche. Our main focus is to provide building long-term strategic partnerships with our clients by not only providing initial services but also by maintaining them over time.

How we do it?

Vibrant Info believes in providing customized solutions in accordance with specific business needs, which is why our experts indulge in thorough analysis of your business processes and goals. We then use the right resources and technologies to tailor our products and services for your business, thus helping you witness your vision become a reality.At Vibrant info, we firmly advocate systematic planning and execution. In order to ensure efficacy, we follow a basic methodical plan right from the beginning to the completion of your project.
how we do it?

Our Team

Rohit Jain
Managing Principal
A young and feisty 38-year old, Rohit Jain is responsible for the entrepreneurial expertise behind the company. Having founded Vibrant Info 8 years back with only 2 members, Rohit Jain single-handedly grew the company to 40 members and over 30 clients spread across the USA, UK, Europe, Japan and India. Rohit was professionally introduced to the IT industry through Net-Kraft India Pvt. Ltd, after which he went on to work with companies like SPACIFY Inc., and Synesis Media Labs, part of Financial Times, UK. Today, with over 15 years of professional experience in the IT industry, Rohit is responsible for the management, strategic decisions and growth of Vibrant Info.

Sunita S Rao
Sunita has been in the business of delivering branding solutions to large corporates and SMEs alike for over 15 years. Her approach to design and user-experience is practical and her approach to business is simple – what she likes to call the Jerry Maguire principle – … fewer clients. Less money. More attention. Caring for them, caring for ourselves and the games, too.Currently she runs Asterysk and in her capacity as Managing Partner there, has worked with and for giants such as Wipro, One Laptop per Child and several others.

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